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5 things

I Thought I would share with you 5 things that have me excited right now.

#1.  FCTV Is attracting visitors every week.  For the past month we have had double digit visitors.  Some repeat visitors, some new, some people who slept in, some who  stayed home sick.  We have had people from ME, NH, MA, VT, NY, PA, OH, one guy from Germany, and more join us on live on Sunday mornings.  We are still working out the kinks but we can already see God working through this.

#2 Chocolate covered Gummy bears.  They are rare and hard to find, so I savor each one when I do find them.

#3 I had the opportunity to play my guitar today for the first time in weeks.  I loaned it to my friend and worship leader, whose guitar is “in the shop.”  Well actually it is in his closet.  Why fix yours when you can play mine?  On a possibly related note the worship was outstanding this week.  If you missed it you can still check it out by clicking “on Demand” on our FCTV player.

#4 I started receiving my unemployment checks this week.  Not much but if they want to pay me for looking for a job I’d be stupid not to take the money.  Also I hear rumors of paid career training.  How sweet would that be.  I may be the only person in this current economic situation to be excited about being laid off.

#5 I have an amazing Wife.  She works incredibly hard and does an amazing job at each thing she puts her mind and heart to.  She defines loyalty, and responsibility.  She is also the mother to our 2 amazing girls.  1 has my attitude and the other has hers.  And they are a constant reminder of how much God Loves us.

So what are 5 things that have you excited?

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Super Bowl Predictions.

I am really torn about who to root for in the Super bowl.  So I am going to list a series of pros and cons for both teams.



They are the AFC Representative.

I really like there style of play

*They tore up the pats this year (* can’t decide if it’s a pro or con)


They are still whining about every time the Patriots beat them.

Steelers fans live on ancient history except when it suits them.

* They tore up the Pats this year.

My Pastor is a Stellers fan and even though he thinks he doesn’t “talk” smack, he will walk around with a cocky smile all year and toss out little jibs about the champs.



Larry Fitzgerald is a man in every sense of the word!

I like Arizona it is a beautiful place

They are the underdog

They aren’t the Steelers


Quite possibly the worst name for a football team. Cardinals are not scary or intimidating unless you are Catholic.

All the talk about Kurt Warner being a Christian and deserving a win (last time I checked he wasn’t the only Believer to play the game.)

All the talk of him being a HOF player.  He’s not!

They are the NFC Team (I know it’s a stupid reason)

The Patriots were 11-5 and beats the Cardinals 47-7 and didn’t make the playoffs. while the Cardinals waltzed in with a 9-7 record.

They had to get multiple extensions for ticket sales to avoid having there home playoff  games blacked out in AZ.

Did I miss anything?

In the end I will be rooting for a great game, just like last years Super bowl… although the outcome was horrible.

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Church in my Kitchen

Last night I had the amazing oppertunity to Worship God in my kitchen.  Newspring church launched the Beta realease of there web campus and so I set up my laptop in the kitchen while my wife,  the girls, and I made brownies.  We sat around eating left overs while participating in a worship service.  On a side note I had a beer with dinner which according to the “conservative, american, southern, we love god more than you” journal may mark the first time in history that someone drank during church.

It was awesome to see both my girls sitting around the kitchen table glued to the screen and singing there hearts out.  On a few of the songs they did what we all do when we don’t know the words… you know “naaa na naaahhhh loooovve, naaa na naaahhhh.”  But on the songs they knew they sang loud and proud.  At a few points my eyes filled with tears as I listened to them sing.

The girls asked and I was able to answer questions about Baptism as they showed some of there people taking the dip.

God was very Present in my kitchen last night.  And I am thankful for the opportunity to worship with my family in such a unique way.

So thank you Pastor Nick, Joshua Blankenship, Tony Morgan, and the rest of the staff and volunteers at NewSpring, for offering that oppertunity.

On a similar note we have started doing a web campus at Fellowship that can be seen here.  We are live every Sunday Morning at 10:30am.  If you can’t join us live it is available “on demand” imediatly following the live broadcast.

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History in the Making

Today is the inauguration of our next president. Every where you go people are talking about how historic this day is.  So I am curious, is it historic because he is  the 44th president, because there is a new “leader of the free world”, because he is black, or because he is Barack Obama?

It’s weird because I really can’t tell.  All of them are good reasons (except for the last one) but I really can’t get a grasp of which way people are thinking.  Unfortunately I think to many people believe it’s because he is Barack Obama.  And that scares me.  Also it is Ironic that the day after MLK day much of the coverage is centered around the color of his skin rather than the content of his character.

I didn’t vote for him but I do pray for him.  I would invite all of you to do the same.  Put aside your politics and pray that he would be led by God through his time as the president of our great nation.

So why is this day historic for you?

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Caption this


I’ll go first…

Don’t mess with Tinkerbell

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Update to Winter In NewEngland

As some of you have read Jeff had some interesting Comments regarding my use of buckets to save my parking space at my house.  It should be notted that Jeff lives in Worcester, on a crowded side street, in an apartment, with 3 children and a wife, and refuses to use a bucket or a chair to save his parking space.  He is deeply princepled… and his car is deeply stuck in snow.

That is why he called me last night and asked if I could drive him to work.  Yes he called a “bucket guy” to bail his tail out.  Just like a true liberal, their convictions disappear at the first sign of trouble 🙂

Apparently he would rather call AAA to tow his car out of the snow than use a bucket.

Score one for the home team….

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8 Years go by so fast

I probably should have had this post written before I announced on twitter that I had turned in my Keys to Morning Star.  Instead I write this using the free internet at Lundgren Honda while I wait to get my oil changed.  So please forgive the run on sentences and random thoughts.

Yes It is true.  This past Friday 1-09-09 was my last day at Morning Star.  I had been praying about my future in the recent weeks and had been thinking about it for the past few months (it’s amazing the clarity God gives when you invite him into your desicions).  I have felt for awhile that I was attempting to and failing at serving many masters.  I had my family immediate and extended, my church, my work, etc.  I knew something had to give.  I had read the book “choosing to cheat” by Andy Stanley, and as a result a few months ago had stopped working on Saturdays.  Choosing to cheat work and not my family.   Yet I still felt as though I was cheating everyone.

So I began to pray… I felt as though my time with M* was drawing to an end but it’s so hard to say good bye to yesterdaaaayyyy… sorry that was Boyz 2 Men.  It was hard to say goodbye to some place I had grown up.  A place I had seen God use to change lives.  A place that had become a part of my identity.  A friend has me listed in his phone as “Billy God Store” because that is where we met and that is what his son called the store.  A large piece of me was formed in that place.

But as God often does when you pray he told me to wait that everything would work out.  And they did.

I was laid off on Friday… What an answer to prayer.  In this time of economic struggles here I am Praising God that I was let go from my job.  No agonizing decision to make (at least not on my part).  It was difficult to hear But God really had it all worked out.

So What’s next.

As I wrote in my goodbye letter to my fellow “M Satrs”  I will focus my attention on Fellowship church.  God is doing great things there and I am blessed to be called there.  I will also continue to lead my family to the cross of Jesus.  My wife and my girls are the most amazing gifts God has given me.

So if you find yourself snowed in, home sick, or attending “the church of the comfy pillow” tune in to at 10:30 every Sunday morning for our live worship feed.  Or check it out “on Demand” throughout the week.

God is Good


P.S. I sent a text message to the GM telling him that I got a new job with CBD.  He laughed.

Please note I don’t like CBD and would never EVER reccomend you shop there.  Morning Star is still my home for Service, Selection and Value.  And I will miss them.

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Winter in New England

It’s that time again.  My Wife calls it the bucket days.  This  period starts with the first snowfall and ends in mid June.

If you are like the majority of people in Worcester and have to park on the street you know I am referring to the Parking space saver.  I currently use empty kitty litter buckets.  One of my neighbors uses a 3 legged chair and another a stolen orange utility cone.  Consider them your countries flag.  Each one claiming you territory.

These are necessary because unlike when you were 6 you can’t just say “this is my spot when I get bet back” when you had to get up to pee during a movie in the living room.

Unfortunately if snow is in the forecast you are only allowed to park on one side of the street.   Also unfortunately with the recent Ice storm and all the broken limbs Many of those spaces are either occupied with limbs on the street or are to close to limbs on the side walk so you wouldn’t be able to park with out scratching your car or your passenger would be trapped.

Normally we have 3 spots in front of our apartment building with 4 cars to occupy them.  Now we are down to 2.  No offense to the people upstairs from me but…

They are mine…

I claimed them…

I cleaned out the storm debris…

I shoveled the ice and snow…

So back off…

It should be noted that they have not complained.  It also should be noted that the only time they park in front of the house is during a snowstorm.

And Shame on you if you think “it will be safe for 5 minutes.  No need to put out the bucket.”  WRONG, You Lose, GAME OVER.  Here comes the vulture.  He’s the guy that lives across the street that drives the 1989 Crown vic. that shovels just enough to muscle his way out.  Then he sits and waits til you are gone then parks in your spot.  Heaven forbid the spot in front or behind you doesn’t have a car in it because he will park half in both spots regardless of the buckets.  Then will leave his car there untouched until the next storm has passed… Yes it may be weeks that the car doesn’t move.  But what can you do?  I’ll be honest I make an angry face and shake my head in disbelief, hoping he see’s, will have remorse and will move his car… he doesn’t

The Vulture has no code, No honor and should be removed from the community.  Although he isn’t the worst offender.  That is the spot saver mover… (This is a space for families so I can not elaborate on the scum that is the spot saver mover… just know that deep within there is a dark space in my heart where I plot things to do to this guy.)

For those of you laughing at this foolishness I assure you it is serious business.  Think about your job.  You labor and struggle and do a great job… Unfortunately you didn’t sign your presentation so the Bozo in the next cubical decides to take credit.  It’s the same thing…

With that said I leave you with this reminder… It hangs next to the door all winter and reminds me to “sign my work”

chairs1Currently the poster is available through Autumn Color located on 70 Webster Street, Worcester, MA 01603 or call 508-798-6612.

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No cake for Hitler.

Last night I was watching the news and this story came on….

Ok have you read the article?

Heath and Deborah Campbell are upset because a grocery store refused to write there child’s name on his birthday cake.  These 2 (can’t think of anything G rated to call them) named there son ADOLPH HITLER Campbell!!!

They also have 2 other children HONSZLYNN HINLER Jeannie Campbell ( the leader of the SS who fought for the breeding of  a superior race).   And JoyceLynn ARYAN NATION Campbel.

The freaks should have there children taken away from them.

The father wear German “Nazi boots” has multiple swastika tattoos and even want the cake decorated with them.  Yet claims he is ok if his son grows up and hangs out with black kids… how is that going to happen?

“Hi mom this is my new friend Adolph Hitler… can we have milk and cookies? ”

And just to complete the anger cocktail for the morning I read this Blog from a pastor in Nashville.  Make sure to watch the video with no little kids around.  How can people read my bible and come up with this as a responce?  I am sure god’s heart is broken.


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My Man Love Confession

Today’s Post is in honor of someone I view as both a friend and a father figure.

Joe Shea and I met 10 or so years ago.  I was fresh out of high school, and like most 18 year olds thought I knew everything and was enjoying some new found freedom.  He was contemplating how he was going to raise a family of 6 on a Campus missionaries Salary.  At that point he was still working as an Engineering Program Manager and making great money.  In this world the choice he was making many would consider reckless and crazy. “who in there right mind leaves a job they have worked at for 20 years to work with kids?”

Well I am So incredibly thankful that he did.  Joe carted my butt around when I was to broke to fix my car. Joe fed me. Joe Prayed with me a for me.  Joe Taught me and reshaped my thoughts on many things.  I owe my family to his decision to follow Jesus.  Colleen and I met at Campus Ambassadors, fell in love, got engaged, “did what to many young kids do before marriage”, then got Married and Joe officiated the ceremony.  Joe was there through all of it.  To encourage us, pray with us, on occasion to cry and mourn with us.  In fact just writing and thinking of some of the things Colleen and I have gone through and then thinking of how Joe (and his amazing wife Annie) where there for us brings tears to my eyes.

Joe and his family would open there home every week to an ever growing number of students.  We called it Worship practice, but most nights we just ate there food, laughed together, played games, watched there kids grow up, and felt loved and accepted.  Remember that family of 6 he was now raising on a greatly reduced salary??? Well now add 5-7-9-12 college students to the mix every week.

I have so many stories that I could share about Joe and all of them point to a Man that is so full of Christs Love that he just can’t help but share it with everyone.  one story I like telling is this…

We were at a leadership retreat at Worcester State College.  And while prayer walking around campus after dinner Joe, Matt, and I heard the sound of an engine failing to start.  Music to Joe’s ears.  So we stopped to see if we… I mean Joe could help.  I am useless when it comes to cars.  So Joe looks at a few things and then tells the girl to turn the key when he says “OK.”  Joe says “OK” she turns the Key.  Joe says “hold on a sec.” and checks the tension on the serpentine belt and to himself says “OK.” Well the girl behind the wheel apparently has super sonic hearing cause with Joe’s finger still tugging on the belt she turned the key… yeah… ouch…. all joe said after nearly having his finger amputated was “ahhh ouch, i caught my finger do you have any paper towels or a napkin?”  To which the girl handed him a Dunkin Doughnuts napkin off the floor of her truck.  He was unable to get the car started.  But later that evening after refusing to leave the retreat and go to the ER. He led worship on the guitar.  Playing, Singing, and grimacing every time he whacked his finger against a string.

Joe You are an extraordinary Man.  You maybe the Biological father of 4 great boys, but you have so many children out there that would love to call you dad.  You have been a great friend, teacher, mentor, and leader to me.  I am honored to call you my friend.

Happy Birthday Joe I love you.

If you know Joe leave a comment here and wish him a happy Birthday.  Or go to his Face book Page and leave a note for him there.

Please Check out Joe’s Website  Check out his news letters, pictures and video.  then click on the u-can-help tab and open up your wallet.  This Man not only works countless hours on and off campus with students but also has to work countless hours raising his own support.


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