Posted by: BillyMcGuinessRealtor | November 3, 2009

Stretching is good for the joints and for the soul

If you follow me on twitter or are a FBF (facebook friend), you know that my oldest daughter is home sick today which has given me some time to kick around the internet and waste time.
So after wasting a few hours doing… not much of anything I decided to check out a website I frequent.  I don’t visit this site everyday and until recently I didn’t subscribe through my Google reader either.  the reason is that just about every time I read something on there it stretches me a little.  i love being stretched it’s how I grow.  But too much stretching leads to tearing and that sounds painful.
So if you are feeling stuck, head over to SoulPancake and read a bit, think a bit, and be stretched.

Where do you go to challenge beliefs or idea(l)s?  What stretches you?



  1. Thank you for sharing the SoulPancake site… I just checked it out and have a feeling I will be spending a little time on that site today.

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