Posted by: BillyMcGuinessRealtor | September 14, 2009

Can absolute truth be grey?

I know you must be thinking “WOW the guys doesn’t blog for weeks then comes out with a question like that.”  But hey I was inspired by Ian who hadn’t blogged in seven months prior to his post earlier this week.

So today(Saturday) I took part in a conversation that was… uncomfortable.  So uncomfortable that one person seeing the direction it was heading “got a phone call.”  You know the call that comes in at just the right time to save you from a situation even though your phone didn’t ring and it wasn’t on vibrate?

Picture this conversation. A Chevy driver and a Honda driver get to talking they compare gas mileage, features, comfort, safety, and ultimately both agree the Honda is a much better vehicle…
Mr. Chevy: I’d love one but I just can’t afford a Honda.
Mr Honda: Yes but look at Kelly Blue Book.
Mr Chevy: Yeah I know the resale value is great but like I said it’s not in the budget
Mr. Honda: But Look at Kelly Blue Book It says Honda are the Most reliable vehicles on the road.
Mr. Chevy: Yeah I’ve only had to replace the brakes on my truck but Yeah I agree Honda’s are great.
Mr: Honda Kelly Blue Book says the total cost of ownership ends up being less.
Mr Chevy: I know but the initial price tag is a killer.  Plus my Chevy beats taking the Bus.
Mr. Honda: … Do You Even Have A License??? Cause Kelly Blue Book…

Now replace Kelly Blue Book with the Bible. The topic of the actual conversation isn’t important, what is important is what I witnessed during the conversation.

One person on the opposite side was just very uncomfortable and didn’t really offer much other than how saddened they were, and (in my words not theirs) kinda creeped out by the topic.  The other person started off defending his point fine but somewhere along the line got off of the point and instead argued a side semi-attached point and firmly dug themselves in there.  They kept throwing out the same thing whether or not it was a fitting response to the discussion. They became defensive, argumentative, and appeared to be getting angry.
Instead of listening to the other side and seeing that there was common ground.  They needed to prove their point.  It didn’t matter what Kelly Bl… the Bible said to support my point.  Their argument trumped mine.  It didn’t matter that I agreed with their Main point, the fact that I had a different perspective was unacceptable.

Which leads to my question… Can absolute truth be grey?  Can 2 sides agree on that essential truth but disagree on what it means?  Or disagree with the weight of the truth? Can absolute truth be viewed in different lights? Can there be a lesser truth (a Chevy is better than the bus)

I hope this gets some discussion going like this post from Marty.  but remember when we are discussing this lets be respectful of both sides.



  1. I see 2 quite distinct issues going on here.
    #1) We so often conflate the question of “Is there an absolute truth?” With the question “Can we percieve the absolute truth?”
    I think sometimes evangelical Christianity doesn’t take The Fall seriously enough, in that we act as though original sin doesn’t impair our ability to figure out the way things actually are.

    #2) Even the most beautiful truths can be wielded like a weapon with an unloving heart and a bad attitude….

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