Posted by: BillyMcGuinessRealtor | August 5, 2009

My work buddy


The summer is in full swing, and save for a week at a couple of camps my oldest daughter Emilie has been coming to work with me on Monday, Wednesdays, and  Fridays.  This is the result of a few great things in my life.  Being a stay at home dad, and working for my church that allows freedom’s that traditional businesses don’t.

I thought I would only be able to get away with bringing her a few times before she would start getting supper bored and annoying.  Much to my surprise and delight she actually enjoys it and looks forward to it.  She has read (and made) books, colored numerous pictures, watched a-couple movies, played with some friends one of whom now lives upstairs, and scootered around the auditorium-foyer-hallways-kids rooms-& offices (and fallen off of the scotter at least 10 times in each of those places).  She is pretty clumsy so our family has nicknamed her “Gracey.”  It has caught on now and even Marty calls her Gracey when she trips, bumps, falls, spills, etc.  She has even sat  through a few “boring meetings” and joined the guys for Friday at Finders.

She is an amazing kid!  She is full of Love and energy and she just brings a tremendous amount of joy where ever she goes.  She is still quite shy, as Marty and Steve will attest.  I still don’t think she has said more than 10 words to them all summer.

I am really going to miss when the summer is over and she goes back to school.  I will miss seeing her peak over my monitor, come scootering through with a goofey look or smile, and eating lunch together.

I remember when I was 8-9 my dad ran a security company.  and one of his jobs was to lock up one of the local cemeteries.  we would drive in and I got to go out and lock the gate.  then we would drive around and find a stragglers and tell them to head to the gate so we could let them out.  Then I would un-lock the gate let everyone out and re-lock it before heading home.  It made me feel important that my Dad would let me help him, and that we got that time together even if it was only 30 mins a couple days a week.  I hope when she is older she remembers these days together with me as fondly as I remember those days with my dad.




  1. I am enjoying some of your posts.

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