Posted by: BillyMcGuinessRealtor | March 17, 2009

Ring Ring…Ring Ring…

Someone just called my cell and left a very detailed message, then called my home phone left another very detailed message, and then called my cell phone AGAIN! this time I was out of the bathroom and answered the phone.  Had I realized that those other phone calls had taken place I probably would have been less than pleasant with the caller so it’s probably good I didn’t know.

The subject matter was not all that important.  It was something I could have responded to in the next couple hours and everything would have been fine.

But come on 3 times in 5 minutes???

I don’t feel the need to jump up and answer the phone when people call.  if it’s important I will call you as soon as I hear the message.  Relax and breath deep until then.




  1. It’s a good thing that you take your frustrations to the blog rather than the streets. i pity the fool that tussles with an angry Billy.

    (p.s. you got issues, man)

  2. issues, maybe. but i hear you!

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