Posted by: BillyMcGuinessRealtor | February 25, 2009

Inernet bugs

I asked this question on Twitter earlier and thought I would ask it here too.

What bugs you about different organizations web sites? for me I hate having to scroll. If I have to scroll you are cramming to much useless crap on your page. also I hate when I need to click 15 times to find useful info.

I am thinking about some (minor) changes to and want to know what to avoid. So I guess the other question I should ask is…

What do you like that Organizations do on there site? I think it’s obvious what I like. Short, sweet, easy to navigate.



  1. Funny you mention that. I was on FC’s site the other day. I was looking for an audio file of the sermon. I couldn’t find it. Are we still doing those? Or has the whole video thing replaced that?

  2. You’ve got issues, man. Life’s too short to eat chewy steak, but lighten up with the rest of the stuff.

    You should ask my wife to try navigating a site if you want to know if it’s user-friendly. She’s the most internet/technology challenged person i know. If she can find her way around, anybody can.

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