Posted by: BillyMcGuinessRealtor | February 13, 2009

Dating my Children

No, I’m not from the hill of West Virginia.  but I think it is important for me to date my daughters.  Atleast as much if not more so than it id for me to continue dating my wife.

As a father of 2 beautiful girls there is this warrior deep down inside of me that is always ready to defend my girls.  Protect them for slandor, any form of abuse, hunger, cold, etc.  This warrior is ready to fight to the death.  I am called to protect my children.  Heck my name means “determined gaurdian.”

I think a part of protecting them means that I need to be teaching them.  That is why I choose to date my daughters.  I am teaching them that they are precious one of a kind creatures and should be thought of and treated that way by the people that love them.  When we go on our dates I do things like open the door for them, pull out there seat and the push it in for them, I will occassionally buy them flowers, I let them pick the place, and then we talk.  We talk about school, friends, church, whatever is happening in there lives.  I tell them how much I love them and some of the many ways they are special to me, we talk about the things that make me proud of them, we pray, and I ask God to protect them and help me to be a great dad for them.  In short I treat them like Princesses.

This may not seem like much now but I know that with years those conversations will become deeper, more meaningful and heartfelt.  And they will become acustomed to being treated like I treat them.  My hope is that when they are 29-30 years old and start dating that they will look for a guy that does those things that I used to do, if not they get kicked to the curb.  Perhaps I should teach the Karate too…

Do you have a valentines plans?



  1. That is the most fantastic idea. It is so important that your daughters feel valued and respected, so they in turn can give and receive that. Hopefully your behaviour will also allow them to draw boundaries in their future relationships, your respectful, interested, loving behaviour will hopefully be the only behaviour acceptable to them from future partners. What a great way to teach what love is about.

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