Posted by: BillyMcGuinessRealtor | February 12, 2009

A few thoughts on the day

1. Is it possible to have a “Bad Quality?”  If it is truly a quality shouldn’t it add value and be worth having?

2. The only people that say “your loyal to a fault” are those that don’t like what you stand for.  No one that has ever felt the true loyalty of others could use that term.

That’s it just two thoughts that have been rolling around my brain today.



  1. Hmmm.
    #1) I think the word quality is used in two different ways. Sometimes it means “characeristic” as in “What are the qualities of a mammal?” Other times it carries a value judgement, a positive one as in “Choose the quality brand.”
    In the second sense, a negative quality would be a contradiction. In the first sense, I don’t think so.

    #2)I think some of the time you’re exactly right about loyalty. One reason people say that is because they aren’t on board with what we’re loyal to. But I also think Loyalty is a bit like love. If it’s true love or loyalty it will do the tough things, the things the other person may not like. If it’s fake, easy love (or loyalty) it’ll do what the other person wants.
    If I developed a drug habbit and you did not confront me on it, I think it would be legitimate to say “Billy is being loyal to a fault.” Becuase you perverted the loyalty by feeding into my destructive behavior.

  2. i think that “bad quality” is a lot like “most unique”.
    You can have ‘low’ quality and ‘high’ quality using just ‘plain’ quality as the benchmark, but i’m not sure it’s proper to use an oxymoron.
    …but then again, who’s proper?

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