Posted by: BillyMcGuinessRealtor | January 12, 2009

8 Years go by so fast

I probably should have had this post written before I announced on twitter that I had turned in my Keys to Morning Star.  Instead I write this using the free internet at Lundgren Honda while I wait to get my oil changed.  So please forgive the run on sentences and random thoughts.

Yes It is true.  This past Friday 1-09-09 was my last day at Morning Star.  I had been praying about my future in the recent weeks and had been thinking about it for the past few months (it’s amazing the clarity God gives when you invite him into your desicions).  I have felt for awhile that I was attempting to and failing at serving many masters.  I had my family immediate and extended, my church, my work, etc.  I knew something had to give.  I had read the book “choosing to cheat” by Andy Stanley, and as a result a few months ago had stopped working on Saturdays.  Choosing to cheat work and not my family.   Yet I still felt as though I was cheating everyone.

So I began to pray… I felt as though my time with M* was drawing to an end but it’s so hard to say good bye to yesterdaaaayyyy… sorry that was Boyz 2 Men.  It was hard to say goodbye to some place I had grown up.  A place I had seen God use to change lives.  A place that had become a part of my identity.  A friend has me listed in his phone as “Billy God Store” because that is where we met and that is what his son called the store.  A large piece of me was formed in that place.

But as God often does when you pray he told me to wait that everything would work out.  And they did.

I was laid off on Friday… What an answer to prayer.  In this time of economic struggles here I am Praising God that I was let go from my job.  No agonizing decision to make (at least not on my part).  It was difficult to hear But God really had it all worked out.

So What’s next.

As I wrote in my goodbye letter to my fellow “M Satrs”  I will focus my attention on Fellowship church.  God is doing great things there and I am blessed to be called there.  I will also continue to lead my family to the cross of Jesus.  My wife and my girls are the most amazing gifts God has given me.

So if you find yourself snowed in, home sick, or attending “the church of the comfy pillow” tune in to at 10:30 every Sunday morning for our live worship feed.  Or check it out “on Demand” throughout the week.

God is Good


P.S. I sent a text message to the GM telling him that I got a new job with CBD.  He laughed.

Please note I don’t like CBD and would never EVER reccomend you shop there.  Morning Star is still my home for Service, Selection and Value.  And I will miss them.



  1. Amen and Amen ~ praying blessings and peace on you and your family while you make this transition.



  2. Hey Billy, thanks for sharing. I’ll continue to support Morning Star… I’ve always had good feelings about the store.

  3. Now is the time to shop local and loyal. If you’re going to spend, support your neighbor.

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