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Stretching is good for the joints and for the soul

If you follow me on twitter or are a FBF (facebook friend), you know that my oldest daughter is home sick today which has given me some time to kick around the internet and waste time.
So after wasting a few hours doing… not much of anything I decided to check out a website I frequent.  I don’t visit this site everyday and until recently I didn’t subscribe through my Google reader either.  the reason is that just about every time I read something on there it stretches me a little.  i love being stretched it’s how I grow.  But too much stretching leads to tearing and that sounds painful.
So if you are feeling stuck, head over to SoulPancake and read a bit, think a bit, and be stretched.

Where do you go to challenge beliefs or idea(l)s?  What stretches you?

Posted by: BillyMcGuinessRealtor | September 14, 2009

Can absolute truth be grey?

I know you must be thinking “WOW the guys doesn’t blog for weeks then comes out with a question like that.”  But hey I was inspired by Ian who hadn’t blogged in seven months prior to his post earlier this week.

So today(Saturday) I took part in a conversation that was… uncomfortable.  So uncomfortable that one person seeing the direction it was heading “got a phone call.”  You know the call that comes in at just the right time to save you from a situation even though your phone didn’t ring and it wasn’t on vibrate?

Picture this conversation. A Chevy driver and a Honda driver get to talking they compare gas mileage, features, comfort, safety, and ultimately both agree the Honda is a much better vehicle…
Mr. Chevy: I’d love one but I just can’t afford a Honda.
Mr Honda: Yes but look at Kelly Blue Book.
Mr Chevy: Yeah I know the resale value is great but like I said it’s not in the budget
Mr. Honda: But Look at Kelly Blue Book It says Honda are the Most reliable vehicles on the road.
Mr. Chevy: Yeah I’ve only had to replace the brakes on my truck but Yeah I agree Honda’s are great.
Mr: Honda Kelly Blue Book says the total cost of ownership ends up being less.
Mr Chevy: I know but the initial price tag is a killer.  Plus my Chevy beats taking the Bus.
Mr. Honda: … Do You Even Have A License??? Cause Kelly Blue Book…

Now replace Kelly Blue Book with the Bible. The topic of the actual conversation isn’t important, what is important is what I witnessed during the conversation.

One person on the opposite side was just very uncomfortable and didn’t really offer much other than how saddened they were, and (in my words not theirs) kinda creeped out by the topic.  The other person started off defending his point fine but somewhere along the line got off of the point and instead argued a side semi-attached point and firmly dug themselves in there.  They kept throwing out the same thing whether or not it was a fitting response to the discussion. They became defensive, argumentative, and appeared to be getting angry.
Instead of listening to the other side and seeing that there was common ground.  They needed to prove their point.  It didn’t matter what Kelly Bl… the Bible said to support my point.  Their argument trumped mine.  It didn’t matter that I agreed with their Main point, the fact that I had a different perspective was unacceptable.

Which leads to my question… Can absolute truth be grey?  Can 2 sides agree on that essential truth but disagree on what it means?  Or disagree with the weight of the truth? Can absolute truth be viewed in different lights? Can there be a lesser truth (a Chevy is better than the bus)

I hope this gets some discussion going like this post from Marty.  but remember when we are discussing this lets be respectful of both sides.

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My work buddy


The summer is in full swing, and save for a week at a couple of camps my oldest daughter Emilie has been coming to work with me on Monday, Wednesdays, and  Fridays.  This is the result of a few great things in my life.  Being a stay at home dad, and working for my church that allows freedom’s that traditional businesses don’t.

I thought I would only be able to get away with bringing her a few times before she would start getting supper bored and annoying.  Much to my surprise and delight she actually enjoys it and looks forward to it.  She has read (and made) books, colored numerous pictures, watched a-couple movies, played with some friends one of whom now lives upstairs, and scootered around the auditorium-foyer-hallways-kids rooms-& offices (and fallen off of the scotter at least 10 times in each of those places).  She is pretty clumsy so our family has nicknamed her “Gracey.”  It has caught on now and even Marty calls her Gracey when she trips, bumps, falls, spills, etc.  She has even sat  through a few “boring meetings” and joined the guys for Friday at Finders.

She is an amazing kid!  She is full of Love and energy and she just brings a tremendous amount of joy where ever she goes.  She is still quite shy, as Marty and Steve will attest.  I still don’t think she has said more than 10 words to them all summer.

I am really going to miss when the summer is over and she goes back to school.  I will miss seeing her peak over my monitor, come scootering through with a goofey look or smile, and eating lunch together.

I remember when I was 8-9 my dad ran a security company.  and one of his jobs was to lock up one of the local cemeteries.  we would drive in and I got to go out and lock the gate.  then we would drive around and find a stragglers and tell them to head to the gate so we could let them out.  Then I would un-lock the gate let everyone out and re-lock it before heading home.  It made me feel important that my Dad would let me help him, and that we got that time together even if it was only 30 mins a couple days a week.  I hope when she is older she remembers these days together with me as fondly as I remember those days with my dad.


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Affairs Divorce and other warm fuzzies

I’ve been thinking a lot about affairs and divorce lately… (Colleen… nothing involving us… I Love You!)  It seems every time I turn around I am hit with news of another couple splitting up, or the rumors of the same.  It really breaks my heart when I hear these stories.  I don’t even need the details to be completely drained emotionally.

It’s sad because at one time these people where so in love, they would get all giddy just thinking about the other.  They would get excited about there future together, they would dream together, they would plan together.  There hearts and minds where completely in sync… Now they don’t want to live in the same house that they dreamed about, they don’t talk anymore, they won’t even look at each other.  What changed?

I believe at the heart of all this that they let selfishness creep in and take hold of there hearts and minds.  They stopped living for others and started living for themselves.  At some point they forgot about the vows they made to each other.  They stopped bearing with one another and started blaming, They forgot about till death do us part, and started leaving (emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually).

It’s easy to leave and let selfishness creep in.  It’s easy to run away. It’s easy to blame the other.  It’s hard to stay, and talk it out, to forgive, to choose to love.  If we are not careful it WILL happen to us.  If we don’t work with our spouse to continually improve our relationship, if we stop trying to find new ways to meet the others needs, if we don’t put them first, WE WILL FAIL. It’s not a matter of if but when.

I’m not throwing stones.  I’m not perfect.  My relationship with Colleen isn’t perfect.  There are plenty of instances where we are selfish… Come on over and look at the pile of dishes that need to be washed.  We both know that the other wants them done, neither of us want to do them, and so they sit.  Now does this signify the end of our marriage?  No… but if left unchecked it could lead to feelings of neglect, which could lead into everything I described above. (The dishes have since been done… now it’s laundry)

Let me challenge you to go home pull out a picture of the 2 of you when you were dating, reflect on those times, do the dishes, make up the bed, buy some flowers,  and when the kids go to sleep sit your spouse down and ask them what you need to change.  Don’t let your lazy, self centered, egotistical  nature win.  Don’t sit there with a list of what they need to change.  Do it honestly and humbly.  Do the work of making your Marriage better then you possibly imagined it could be.  Pray together.  Dream together.  Then “Go to bed!”

Trust me it a lot better than the alternative.

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Cruelty vs. Murder and more of the same

Rewind almost exactly 2 years ago to NFL Quarter back Michael Vick being convicted of essentially Cruelty to animals and lieing.  For that he was sentenced to 23 months in federal prison.

Today NFL wide receiver Donte Stallworth plead guilty to felony manslaughter stemming from a drunk driving “accident” in which he hit and killed a pedestrian on his way to work, and was sentenced to 30 DAYS in jail.

Now rewind to April 2009 when Los Angeles Angels of Anehiem pitcher Nick Adenhart was killed in an accident by a drunk driver that fled the scene and was caught 30 minutes later.  The driver has yet to face charges.

People are screaming that Vick not be allowed back into the NFL, while hardly a murmur is being uttered against Stallworth.  Yet I have seen and heard people calling for the death penalty for the drunk driver in the Adenhart death.

Don’t get me wrong what Vick did is disgusting, but we are talking about the value of life between Humans, Cats and Dogs.  Unfortunately the scales of justice where a bit out of whack here.

Oh and just to throw another nugget of information your way Manny Ramirez steroid suspension is twice as long as Donte Stallworth’s jail sentence.

Is the justice department to blame? P.E.T.A? Have we become numb to the effects of drunk driving?  Or is what we value becoming a bit out of touch with reality?

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Ring Ring…Ring Ring…

Someone just called my cell and left a very detailed message, then called my home phone left another very detailed message, and then called my cell phone AGAIN! this time I was out of the bathroom and answered the phone.  Had I realized that those other phone calls had taken place I probably would have been less than pleasant with the caller so it’s probably good I didn’t know.

The subject matter was not all that important.  It was something I could have responded to in the next couple hours and everything would have been fine.

But come on 3 times in 5 minutes???

I don’t feel the need to jump up and answer the phone when people call.  if it’s important I will call you as soon as I hear the message.  Relax and breath deep until then.


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the defenition of insanity

I heard someone on the radio the other day say that “the definition of insanity is: doing the same thing multiple times and expecting different results.”

Now I don’t know if I would leave that as the only barometer for measuring someones hold on sanity.  But I did sit in a room today with a bunch of pastors/clergy that all expressed “we want to reach new people… but we don’t want to change what we are doing.”

To be fair they didn’t say those exact words.  But I would give them more credit if they had.

This past Sunday at Fellowship, Marty talked about cementing the method instead of cementing the mission.  If we think about it we see examples all around us of businesses, churches, organizations, governments, and sadly even families falling apart because they have taken the trivial and exalted it to a place of high importance.

The mission for all Christ followers is simple “Go and make disciples.”  The mission for your family can be found in the vows you made on your wedding day.  Organizations and buisnesses have Mission statements but far to often they get sidetracked by money, success, branding, and they loose the plot.

In an article the ran this week in multiple papers in our area and nationaly it was presented that New england is now the “leader” in the unchurched, non religious people group.  Is it because the religious are moving? No it’s because as a whole “The Church” has lost the plot. We have set our eyes, our hearts, and our attention on something other than the creator, savior, sustainer, of the world.

We need to wake up and seek him if we ever want to see things change.

Posted by: BillyMcGuinessRealtor | February 25, 2009

Inernet bugs

I asked this question on Twitter earlier and thought I would ask it here too.

What bugs you about different organizations web sites? for me I hate having to scroll. If I have to scroll you are cramming to much useless crap on your page. also I hate when I need to click 15 times to find useful info.

I am thinking about some (minor) changes to and want to know what to avoid. So I guess the other question I should ask is…

What do you like that Organizations do on there site? I think it’s obvious what I like. Short, sweet, easy to navigate.

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Dating my Children

No, I’m not from the hill of West Virginia.  but I think it is important for me to date my daughters.  Atleast as much if not more so than it id for me to continue dating my wife.

As a father of 2 beautiful girls there is this warrior deep down inside of me that is always ready to defend my girls.  Protect them for slandor, any form of abuse, hunger, cold, etc.  This warrior is ready to fight to the death.  I am called to protect my children.  Heck my name means “determined gaurdian.”

I think a part of protecting them means that I need to be teaching them.  That is why I choose to date my daughters.  I am teaching them that they are precious one of a kind creatures and should be thought of and treated that way by the people that love them.  When we go on our dates I do things like open the door for them, pull out there seat and the push it in for them, I will occassionally buy them flowers, I let them pick the place, and then we talk.  We talk about school, friends, church, whatever is happening in there lives.  I tell them how much I love them and some of the many ways they are special to me, we talk about the things that make me proud of them, we pray, and I ask God to protect them and help me to be a great dad for them.  In short I treat them like Princesses.

This may not seem like much now but I know that with years those conversations will become deeper, more meaningful and heartfelt.  And they will become acustomed to being treated like I treat them.  My hope is that when they are 29-30 years old and start dating that they will look for a guy that does those things that I used to do, if not they get kicked to the curb.  Perhaps I should teach the Karate too…

Do you have a valentines plans?

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A few thoughts on the day

1. Is it possible to have a “Bad Quality?”  If it is truly a quality shouldn’t it add value and be worth having?

2. The only people that say “your loyal to a fault” are those that don’t like what you stand for.  No one that has ever felt the true loyalty of others could use that term.

That’s it just two thoughts that have been rolling around my brain today.

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